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Payee: Lydia Förster
IBAN: DE30 5089 0000 0059 3977 10
Note to payee: Free Marlene and Matej
Bank name: Volksbank Darmstadt

The journalists Marlene Förster and Matej Kavčič have been detained in Iraq since 04/20/2022. They are currently being held by the Iraqi secret service in Baghdad.


In recent months, 29-year-old journalist Marlene Förster and her Slovenian colleague Matej Kavčič have been researching the situation of the Yazidis in Şengal (Sinjar). In 2014, the so-called Islamic State committed genocide against the Yazidi society, which was covered in media all over the world. Today there are hardly any reports about the reality of the life of the people in Şengal, which is why the social developments since the genocide were the subject of their research. The aim is to tell the world about how society is coping with the trauma of the genocide.

Financial help for the legal support of the two journalists is urgently needed. Legal fees in Germany, Iraq and Slovenia have to be financed. The donations will also cover all other costs of the campaign “Free Marlene and Matej”.

Donations that go beyond covering these costs will support press and media work in Şengal to support the very work for which Marlene and Matej travelled there-

The donations will be used exclusively for:

    • The legal fees for Marlene in Germany.
    • The legal fees for Marlene’s lawyer in Iraq.
    • The legal fees for Matej in Slovenia.
    • The legal fees for Matej’s lawyer in Iraq.
    • The server costs for this website.
    • Expenses for clothes, books and other products which can be sent to the two in prison.

Any donations above and beyond this will be sent to the Şengal to support media work there.


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